Sancho - why let him go?

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We asked for your views on whether Manchester United should keep Jadon Sancho or if now is a good time to sell the winger, following his loan at Borussia Dortmund.

Here are some of your responses:

Ash: Sell Sancho! We cannot keep a player at United who is not disciplined and thinks the club revolves around himself! Respect authority to earn respect. His chapter is long closed at United.

Steph: Sancho has to go, if he doesn't understand that the club is bigger than him and he needs to swallow his pride then he can't be allowed to stay. Fergie wouldn't have even allowed the loan, he would have been booted out. Undoubtedly a talented player and the fact he was so desperate to come to United makes his attitude all the stranger. Get rid.

Adam: Sell Sancho. We’ve been down this road too many times with 'player power' or what they used to call petulance in the good old days! Get as much as we can, but if it’s nothing then find a way to get rid and make the statement that this silly little tantrum culture has to stop!

Mark: How dare Sancho dictate that he only comes back if Ten Hag is no longer there. It's time to cut losses on a player that has had no influence on the two trophies won in recent seasons. Up to Dortmund to pay up but I'd be very interested in a potential swap for their right back Ryerson who looked good in the defeat in the final on Saturday night.

Michael: I don't think Sancho ever has or ever will be of the level required at United. We didn't see anything to make us think otherwise against Real Madrid - a pretty anonymous performance. I was surprised he wasn't substituted, to be honest. If United can recoup at least half of what they paid, then they should be happy.

Alex: He has to go regardless of talent. Ten Hag has the remit of shedding the bad apples in the squad and implementing a better culture. This means having the right characters in the dressing room. Quite simply if your manager says your training performances aren't up to scratch, then it doesn't matter what you think, they aren't up to scratch.