Sanaa Lathan doesn't deny #whobitbeyonce rumors

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Sanaa Lathan addressed the #whobitbeyoncé rumor once again, but this time, she didn’t confirm or deny her involvement.

While visiting CBS’s The Talk this week, the actress revealed how she felt when the rumor mill started churning that she was the culprit. Many speculated Lathan bit Beyoncé after comedian Tiffany Haddish told GQ that an actress was a party “doing the mostest” and nibbled on the singer's face.

“Me and my friends, we laughed our asses off.” Lathan said on The Talk. “We thought it was funny, I mean it was so absurd.”

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In March, Lathan took to Twitter to deny the rumors, but just last month, Haddish confirmed Lathan as the actress who bit Beyoncé while talking to the Hollywood Reporter.

Lathan didn’t address Haddish’s latest accusation, not confirming or denying she bit Queen Bee. Instead, she simply brushed off the speculation saying she's no stranger to rumors.

“I’ve had lots of rumors over the years. After so many of them, you get a thick skin,” she said.

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