San Jose State tested USC more than Navy tested Notre Dame

We are working with our friends at Fighting Irish Wire in the six weeks before the USC Trojans go to South Bend to face Notre Dame. USC fans deserve good intel and inside info on Notre Dame football. Fighting Irish Wire is the place to go for that.

We asked Fighting Irish Wire editor Nick Shepkowski the following question: Where did Navy not test the Irish enough, such that Notre Dame will need a good test in the coming weeks to gain more information on where it truly stands?

“Overall talent,” Shepkowski said. “God bless them for what they do, but the (Navy) Midshipmen look like a high school team when they play big-time programs like Notre Dame (and yet Brian Kelly lost to them twice — people forget that!). Tennessee State should be a cakewalk this weekend, but North Carolina State has turned into a solid program that regularly has 8-9 wins.  That’ll be a nice first true test in a couple of weeks when the Irish go on the road to Raleigh.”

See how Fighting Irish Wire reacted to Notre Dame’s blowout of Navy.

Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire