Padres' Tommy Pham and Ha-Seong Kim collide on field, get in confrontation in dugout

San Diego Padres outfielder Tommy Pham and shortstop Ha-Seong Kim collided on Wednesday afternoon at Wrigley Field while trying to track down a fly ball, something that left Pham needing stitches and sent Kim into concussion protocol.

Yet when the the two left the field, there was a brief confrontation in the dugout.

"Let me be clear on this, we have a passionate group," Padres manager Jayce Tingler said after their 6-1 loss to the Chicago Cubs, via ESPN. "And passion is a good thing. At times, things are going to get heated.

"Passion is a good thing. Competitiveness is a good thing. We'll move on and become closer because of it."

Pham, Kim collide tracking down fly ball

Cubs catcher P.J. Higgins hit a fly ball into shallow left field in the fourth inning on Wednesday with the bases loaded. Both Pham and Kim started tracking it down.

Kim actually caught the ball, but lost it as he and Pham ran into each other and fell to the ground. He recovered the ball and threw it in for a double play, something they were still able to save due to confusion on the play. After making the throw, though, he fell back to the ground — where the two remained for some time clearly in pain.

Both players left the game on their own, and Pham needed stitches under his chin. Kim, Tingler said, entered concussion protocol.

"The doctors say he's doing well,” Tingler said, via ESPN. “It doesn't look like he has a concussion. We'll monitor over the next day or so."

After leaving the field, Pham, Kim and bench coach Bobby Dickerson were seen in an argument in the dugout.

"It was the perfect storm," Tingler said of the play, via ESPN. "A little bit of a language barrier and no matter how many times you practice it, [was] a packed house. Incredibly loud. Both guys got their bell rung."

The win for Chicago completed a three-game sweep of the Padres — who have now lost five of their last seven.

Padres' Tommy Pham and Ha-Seong Kim after colliding against the Cubs
Tommy Pham, left, and Ha-Seong Kim, right, of the San Diego Padres lie on the ground after colliding chasing a fly ball in the 4th inning against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field on June 02, 2021. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

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