San Antonio Spurs reserve Patty Mills talks up the time he ‘lifted weights with Paul McCartney’

Dan Devine has already hepped to five reasons why the San Antonio Spurs are far cooler than you think. And yet, following that on-court roundup, we’ve got a bit more news coming out of Spurs camp as to why this team is so gear, man.

Coach Gregg Popovich was amongst several in the Spurs organization that saw Sir Paul McCartney play a three-hour show at the FedEx Forum on Sunday night, in the evening sandwiched in between Games 3 and 4 of San Antonio’s ultimately victorious Western Conference finals run. Popovich called the show “awesome, just awesome” in speaking with the press on Monday, while admiring the fact that McCartney’s “musical abilities and his talent” were “matched by his effort.”

He may have added another “awesome” to the mix if he knew that Spurs reserves Patty Milles and Aron Baynes were lifting weights around the famous “Spies Like Us” soundtrack king in the hours before the show. From the San Antonio Express-News’ Mike Monroe:

McCartney was getting in a pre-concert workout, and the club was closed to others.

“They knew we just wanted to get a lift after our practice, so they let us in,” Mills said. “We walked in, and there he was, Paul McCartney. Before we could say hi or anything he said, 'Go Spurs go.'

“It was one of those rare moments when I didn't know what to say. A special moment, and now I can tell everyone I lifted weights with Paul McCartney.”

I guess McCartney decided it was OK to … wait for it … let ‘em in!

(I’m sorry.)

Macca is no stranger to hanging around with basketball players, as he was pictured earlier this season with various members of the Chicago Bulls in a picture that we should all probably have as our computer wallpaper. Posing for a photo with the ex-Wings lead singer is one thing, though. Throwing around weights with two Spurs players in the hours after Spurs practice, and before McCartney’s massive three-hour concert at FedEx Forum?

Sir Paul was getting his swole on with San Antonio Spurs before playing forty songs over three hours, at 70 years of age. Fab.

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