San Antonio Spurs guard Patty Mills breaks down his vast repertoire of towel waves (VIDEO)

Patty Mills has averaged 11.3 minutes per game over the course of his four-year NBA career; he's had a lot of time to kill while serving as a backup guard on the Portland Trail Blazers and San Antonio Spurs. Luckily, he has used that time wisely, honing and developing a towel-waving game that ranks among the NBA's best and most varied:

Three things about this:

1. It's so difficult to pick a favorite here, but for sheer ridiculousness, "The Pirate" seems pretty tough to beat.

2. Based solely on his performance in showcasing his "secret weapon," I am firmly on board with the idea of a towel manufacturer paying Mills a princely sum to be the official endorser of their products. Just look at the way he makes it dance; you're telling me you wouldn't want your towel brand associated with that sort of beautiful fluidity? Well, then, you and I are cut from different terrycloth.

3. It must get really, really boring on the road at times.

Between Mills, Robert Sacre and Kent Bazemore, we're really in the midst of a special period in NBA bench celebrating. Let's try to appreciate it now, while we can; surely, nothing this gold can stay.

Hat-tip to r/NBASpurs.