It’s Samuel L. Jackson’s turn to announce the starting lineups at a New Orleans Hornets game

Oscar-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson is currently shooting a "spaghetti Southern" (term courtesy of its director, Quentin Tarantino) down in New Orleans. And, following in the footsteps of similarly shooting actor Will Ferrell, Jackson will take his turn introducing the New Orleans Hornets (and presumably the team's opponent, the Los Angeles Clippers) on Thursday night.

Considering that Jackson -- though a fabulous, well-rounded actor -- is best known for dropping copious amounts of f-bombs in his previous pairings with Tarantino (or parodies -- very, very NSFW parodies, like this one), this should be quite the treat . Tickets are still available at the Hornets' website (buy a ticket, and support the NBA's struggling Manhattan offices), and we'll no doubt have a clip of the intros up at BDL soon after.

Jackson's presence should take some of the attention off of the fact that this game marks Chris Paul's return to New Orleans, after playing with the Hornets from 2005-2011. Or, with the mic in Jackson's hand, it could add to the attention. The Hornets no doubt have a nice tribute scheduled for Paul, now playing for the Clippers, and it will be cool to see Jackson's gravitas add to CP3's return.

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