Samuel L. Jackson Dragged Clarence Thomas, And Reminded Us He's A Bad MF

Recently, Samuel L. Jackson shut down my Twitterverse after dragging Justice Clarence Thomas for his recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. The salty-sweet tweet took me down memory lane and reminded me why I'm the biggest fan of this shameless movie star.

It was the 2007 Bob Hope Classic in La Quinta, California. To my surprise, one of the greatest actors in the history of the film game was playing, and I was his biggest fan. It just so happened that I also had my BAD MOTHERFUCKER (from Pulp Fiction) wallet at the time. But alas, I was too afraid to approach Samuel L. Jackson for fear of upsetting him and never got it signed.

Sam Jackson on golf course
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As his biggest fan, that moment was one of my greatest regrets. So, to make it up to me from 15 years ago, I'm going to convince you that Samuel L. Jackson is the baddest MF on the movie screen — here's 17 reasons why.

the author with his wallet and the wallet in the movie

"Hold onto your butts."


1.Young Sam Jackson was an usher at Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral. As a college student, he traveled to Memphis following King's assassination and became involved in the Civil Rights Movement. This moment began his journey as an activist and possibly amplified his voice into the unabashed actor he is today.

People march alongside Martin Luther King Jr casket
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2.Samuel L. Jackson takes his golf game so seriously that he has a special clause in his contracts allowing "leisure time" to play golf. I bet there's no argument here since Sam Jackson holding a nine iron can be pretty convincing.

Sam Jackson swinging golf club
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3.Over the years, Sam Jackson didn't just portray fashionable characters on the silver screen. The man is a well-dressed icon on all occasions. No matter the decade or latest fashion trend, you can expect him to always to rock the classic Kangol hat and rock it well.

Three photos of Sam Jackson wearing Kangol cap over the years

"Does he look like a bitch?" —Jules Winnfield, Pulp Fiction

Getty Images / Via Getty Images

4.The Cannes Film Festival revived an acting award for the Best Supporting Actor to honor his portrayal in Spike Lee's sexually charged drama, Jungle Fever (1991). Jackson performed as a struggling drug addict alongside Halle Berry in two minor roles that propelled them into Academy Award-winning megastars.

Universal Pictures / Via

5.King Kong ain't got nothing on Sam Jackson. No actor works harder at promoting his films, as shown when he spread the word about his appearance in the MonsterVerse franchise's Kong: Skull Island. He hilariously went full gangster on King Kong over social media. No job is too big or too small for his acting career.

6.Samuel L. Jackson is one of the highest-grossing actors in Hollywood. Being at the top is no surprise considering he's part of some of the highest-earning franchises of all time — the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, MonsterVerse, The Incredibles, XXX, and Unbreakable.

Jackson's pay breakdown for his movies
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7.He loves his work so much that when asked if he watches his films, he replies, "Yes, I do. Religiously." To double down on his brand of confidence, he added that when he's at home channel surfing and nothing's on, he searches for Samuel L. Jackson movies. Don't expect an ounce of doubt about his natural badassness.

Tom Hiddleston laughs at Sam Jackson

He even has enough confidence to share with the community, adding, "When I have a movie that's opening I know it's going to make at least a thousand dollars that weekend because I buy a thousand dollars worth of tickets and I give to the church or somebody and their kids go."

The Graham Norton Show / Via

8.He dares to be different. He didn't care that Star Wars lore states Jedi have blue and green lightsabers and the Sith have red. He forced the production to have it his way. Jackson convinced George Lucas to give him purple instead. It's not by accident that Mace Windu was one of the strongest Jedi in the universe.

Mace Windu draws his purple lightsaber

And you'll know his name is Samuel L. Jackson when he lays his demands upon thee.

Lucasfilm/20 Century Fox / Via Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

9.Unlike actors who respond with answers like "I don't watch myself perform," Jackson was more than happy to rate his top five favorite characters. He's just as excited about his roles on screen as we are. As he should be, considering they're all certified bosses in their own right. His favorite of all time: Mitch Hennessy from A Long Kiss Goodnight. I agree, Sam.

Sam Jackson as five iconic movie roles
Marvel/Miramax/Weinstein Company/Miramax/20th Century Fox/New Line Cinema / Via Captain America: Winter Soldier/Jackie Brown/ Django Unchained/ Star Wars Episode III: Revenege of the Sith/ A Long Kiss Goodnight

10.SPOILER ALERT: When test audiences angrily responded to the ending to A Long Kiss Goodnight (1996), they complained, "you can't kill Sam Jackson." The production took this to heart, and the movie was re-edited where his character Mitch Hennessy survives instead. The character appears on Larry King Live right before the end credits. This is star-power, ladies and gentlemen.

Mitch Hennessy dying in snow and staring wide-eyed
New Line Cinema / Via A Long Kiss Goodnight

11.He knows how to honor his past. Uma Thurman, John Travolta, and Samuel L. Jackson reunited at the 2022 Oscars for the 28th anniversary of Pulp Fiction. The critically-acclaimed cult film is a masterclass of cinema pairing together some of Hollywood's biggest A-listers. What should've been a legendary reunion for audiences became overshadowed by the shocking moment between Will Smith and Chris Rock.

Uma Thurman, Sam Jackson, and John Travolta opening briefcase
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12.In another moment of movie productions doing things the Sam Jackson way, he convinced the team of a ridiculous 2006 action-thriller not to change the movie's title to Pacific Flight 121. It's a terrible title. He insisted on keeping the unforgettable working-title Snakes on a Plane — the rest of the memes are history.

New Line Cinema / Via

13.Jimmy Fallon should've never shown Mr. Jackson the power of a perfectly-timed tweet. He doesn't hold back even when the dig involves the former president of the United States.

14.Over the years, my favorite leading man tweeted 57 ways to spell "mother fucker" because he's a creative genius, and words are his weapon.

Close up of Bad MF wallet

"English mother f*cker, do you speak it?"

Miramax / Via Pulp Fiction

15.You can't sensor Samuel L. Jackson. In almost every television appearance, he finds the opportunity to belt out at least one expletive. On Saturday Night Live, he "accidentally" dropped the f-bomb with no remorse. When Kenan Thompson tried to de-escalate the situation, Jackson doubled down.

Jackson saying the F word and Thompson saying come on, that cost money

16.He's the master of interview clap backs. Once, a reporter embarrassingly mixed him up with Laurence Fishburne, known for The Matrix's Morpheus (similar to Nick Fury). He asked Jackson about a Super Bowl commercial that starred Fishburne, and Jackson didn't miss a beat calling him out.

CNN / Via

17.But, the #1 clap back was when interviewer Jake Hamilton asked Jackson about the controversy over the "n-word" in Django Unchained. The response was a priceless moment that made me laugh for the culture and cringe for the internet simultaneously. Jackson insisted he say the word.

Jackson trying to get the white interviewer to say the n word
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So there you have it. He's one of the best, and I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to say that Samuel L. Jackson is not a 100% Bad Mother#^@%*&!