Sammy Sosa dressed up as a cowboy in an amusing and confusing photo

Former Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa seems to grab the attention of the baseball world every time there’s a new picture of him. That’s not just because he looks extremely different than he did when he was playing, but also because many of his shots are awkward or oddly staged.

His latest picture to set the Internet ablaze combines a little bit from all those categories.

Yep, that’s Sosa dressed up as a cowboy, complete with a very red hat and a gun in a holster. He did have a reason for the outfit, though. Most reports suggest his getup was part of a Cowboy-themed costume party for his wife.

There’s also video of Sosa dancing, just in case you needed that:

El gran #SammySosa y su esposa como buenos dominicanos se gozaron #LaBilirrubina

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Sosa’s changing appearance has become a talking point any time a new photo of him emerges. Some see it as a reason to make jokes, others seem genuinely concerned for Sosa.

This particular photo inspired plenty of comments on Sosa’s outfit. People focused on how ridiculous and over the top it looked and suggested he was about to release a country album.

The best of the bunch might be this one, which compares Sosa’s outfit to a character from “Toy Story.”

Baseball hasn’t been too kind to Sosa in his retirement. He’s constantly feuded with the Cubs regarding his status within the organization. Sosa wants the team to recognize his performance, but the team has been hesitant to embrace him.

Sosa was famously not present at all during the Cubs’ 2016 World Series run. Nor was he around during the early celebrations in 2017.

The team’s ownership group has been insistent that Sosa has to apologize for the way he left the club. Team owner Tom Ricketts took things a step farther in January, saying Sosa would be welcomed back to the organization if he opened up about PED use.

Sosa may have realized as much, and decided he had a better chance of getting his career celebrated by the Texas Rangers. He didn’t have to try and dress like one to make that happen, but it can’t hurt, right?

Another picture of Sammy Sosa has everyone talking. (AP Photo)
Another picture of Sammy Sosa has everyone talking. (AP Photo)

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