Sammy Sosa almost reconciled with Cubs in 2014, but backed out at the last minute

For a brief period in 2014, Sammy Sosa and the Chicago Cubs nearly reconciled. Sosa was reportedly willing to meet the team’s demands for a reunion before pulling out at the last second, according to Jason Buckland and Ben Reiter of Sports Illustrated.

What happened between Sammy Sosa and the Cubs in 2014?

The two sides met, and Sosa agreed to issue an apology, but not a total confession about what happened during his playing career with the team. The next day, Sosa backed out, according to SI.

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When asked about it, Sosa confirmed the meeting took place and said he agreed to make a statement. He said he pulled out after he felt like he was “being swept up in a PR machine that was moving way too fast and not adhering to the spirit of our agreement.”

Why are Sammy Sosa and the Cubs feuding?

The organization is upset about Sosa’s exit from the franchise. During the final game of the 2004 season, Sosa — who was not playing — left the park right after the game started. Teammates were upset enough about his behavior that they smashed his boombox in the clubhouse.

The Cubs also want Sosa to apologize for using performance-enhancing drugs while he was with the team, though Sosa still refuses to do that. He points out in the SI article that he never failed a drug test. He also did not appear on the Mitchell Report, though he was on the list of players who reportedly failed a test in 2003. Commissioner Rob Manfred has attempted to downplay the severity of that 2003 list, saying “It was hard to distinguish between certain substances that were legal, available over the counter, and not banned under our program.”

Sosa has not been back with the Cubs since 2004

In the time since Sosa left the team, the Cubs have won a World Series and held a 100-year celebration of Wrigley Field. A number of franchise legends made appearances at those events. The team even managed to get a rare statement from Steve Bartman following the World Series win. Sosa was not involved in either of the events.

Sosa has pointed out that the Ricketts — the owners of the Cubs — bought the club long after Sosa was gone. He does not understand why they are targeting him now.

How does Sosa feel about his separation from the Cubs?

It clearly bothers him. While he’s grateful to the fans and says he has no negative thoughts about the team, Sosa is hurt by the franchise refusing to acknowledge his time there, according to SI.

“I passed Ernie Banks for most home runs in Chicago Cubs history,” he says. “He has a statue, and I don’t have nothing. So, what the f—?”

Does Sammy Sosa want a reunion with the Cubs?

Yes. Sosa has been consistent in saying he’s open to a return with the club. He believes it will happen in time, telling SI, “Time will heal everything. Sooner or later — could be now, or 20 years — they have to open the door.”

Sammy Sosa wants to return to the Cubs, but they aren’t interested unless he apologizes. (AP Photo)
Sammy Sosa wants to return to the Cubs, but they aren’t interested unless he apologizes. (AP Photo)

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