Sam Pittman pleased with Arkansas punter Max Fletcher after season opener

Arkansas didn’t have to punt much in their opening win over Western Carolina – only five times all game – but when they did, it was much more impressive than last season.

The credit for that improvement goes to Razorback punter Max Fletcher, who pleased Sam Pittman with his performance in Week 1.

“I thought our special teams performed as good as we have in the first game,” Pittman said. “But I was pleased with (Fletcher). I was pleased with how high he kicked the ball. We had a 50-something yarder with no return.

“I was really happy with Fletcher because he kicked the ball fairly consistently. He’s got that kind of leg.”

Arkansas fans probably remember the struggles with the punting game last season as the freshman Fletcher battled with senior Reid Bauer for the starting gig. Neither punter was consistent, but Fletcher eventually won the job.

However, he finished the season averaging just 37.5 yards per punt – which ranked No. 120 in the country. After Week 1 against Western Carolina, Fletcher’s 49-yard average ranks him tied for No. 8 in the country.

Pittman has mentioned on a number of occasions how much of an emphasis special teams was this offseason, and it’s a good sign to see that translate in the first game of the season.

Story originally appeared on Razorbacks Wire