Sam Howell is posting some impressive numbers in his second NFL season

Washington Commanders quarterback Sam Howell is a hot topic each week. Washington fans love to debate a quarterback’s future. If Howell performed well the week before, fans are ready to crown him. If he struggles, the other segment of the fan base is making images of Caleb Williams in a Commanders’ uniform.

What most fail to understand is that Howell has started 10 NFL games. There will be ups. There will be downs. Sometimes, that means a bad game; sometimes, that means a play that makes you ask yourself, “What the bleep was that?”

That’s every young quarterback.

The truth is, Howell can play. Is he Washington’s franchise quarterback? He has certainly earned the right to be in that conversation. Howell is improving each week, making multiple high-level throws; he is taking fewer sacks and continues to learn how to manipulate the pocket.

We’re halfway through the 2023 NFL season. There are some impressive data points available for Howell now.

Here are some of the best stats/numbers from Howell after Week 9.

Sam Howell leads the NFL in "Big Time Throws"

Pro Football Focus has a stat called “Big Time Throws.” Howell leads all NFL quarterbacks in this stat. More than Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts and everyone else.

No. 2 in the NFL in passing yards

Howell vs. the blitz

Remember how Howell was supposed to shrink against Bill Belichick’s blitz packages? Instead, Howell shredded the Patriots’ pressure repeatedly. Perhaps there is no greater proof of his continued growth than in this area.

Since Week 4........

Tua Tagovailoa is an MVP candidate and leads arguably the NFL’s most explosive offense.

Over the last 5 games

More proof of Howell’s growth. He’s had back-to-back excellent games against the Philadelphia Eagles and a Bill Belichick defense.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire