Salon cat helps customers cope with anxiety

Sweet Spot

Betty Boo the cat was rescued as a kitten and now has a very important job. Her owner, Chris Guglielmi, owns a hair salon and that’s where the friendly 7-year-old feline spends most of her time. Betty Boo works at Babar Hair in Melbourne, Australia. Her biggest and sweetest task is cuddling with clients while they get their hair cut. The affectionate cat is a pro at keeping clients company through washes, cuts, and blowouts. Guglielmi says, "If someone's had a bad day, is tired, or upset, she's there with them. People seem to instantly calm down petting her."

Betty Boo is quickly becoming an Instagram star! She also has a blog where she keeps her followers in the know. "You may be wondering if I'm now too famous to mix it with salon customers," Betty Boo blogged. "But I can assure you I am a woman of the people and can't wait to warm more laps this year."

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