For sale: Cleveland Cavaliers posters featuring LeBron James

Imagine life as a Cleveland Cavaliers fan.

Byron Scott's promising an up-tempo offense. J.J. Hickson(notes) is really shaping up. Antawn Jamison(notes) is getting his confidence back at the line. Mo Williams(notes) could challenge for an All-Star berth again. The Central has been beset by injury. Things are looking up.

Buoyed, you head to the mall, to buy a T-shirt with an airbrushed golden retriever on it, for your hopeless hipster son. Things are going smoothly, the golden retriever looks great, and then you pass by a kiosk. A calendar kiosk. And you see this:

That's right. 2011, but with LeBron James(notes) on the cover.

Seriously, guy?

The calendar was clearly created before James split up on national TV with the Cavaliers last July, and the name of the company that created it? You guessed it: Perfect Timing Inc.

These things just write themselves, with help from the Cleveland Plain Dealer via Cleveland Scene via Pro Basketball Talk.

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