Salary cap jumps to $255.4 million for 2024, putting 49ers under the cap

The San Francisco 49ers will be in better shape financially this offseason than originally anticipated. On Friday, the NFL announced that the 2024 salary cap has been set at $255.4 million – a rise of more than $30 million from last year to a new record high.

That amount is about $13 million more than Over The Cap and Spotrac were anticipating, so the 49ers are actually just under the cap instead of being over by about $14 million.

According to Over The Cap, the 49ers have about $834,165 in available cap space right now, the eighth-lowest amount in the NFL. Commanders lead the NFL in cap room with about $87 million as of now.

Trent Williams is slated to have the largest cap hit on the team at $31.6 million, followed by Deebo Samuel ($28.6 million) and Arik Armstead ($28.3 million).

Story originally appeared on Niners Wire