The Saints were right to stand pat at the trade deadline

The New Orleans Saints weren’t buyers or sellers at the NFL trade deadline. Instead, they opted to remain inactive. There were likely calls to New Orleans and maybe some outgoing from the team themselves, but this outcome isn’t overly surprising.

Anyone hoping for a big move was going to be disappointed. The Saints weren’t going to be in search of a blockbuster trade on either side of the ball. Despite their 4-4 record, New Orleans is a talented team and they should be more successful than they have been. They aren’t talent-deficient in most areas, so it’s doubtful they were pressing to add talent.

New Orleans just gave Carl Granderson a contract extension during the season after extending Cameron Jordan over the summer. That removed any big-name edge rushers from the conversation. The interior defensive line will probably be taken care of in the offseason. The Saints could have looked for some help along the offensive line, but most likely wouldn’t have brought in a high-level player at the position. Their starting lineup is set.

They also didn’t have too many pieces to move, either. Though they aren’t talent-deficient, New Orleans isn’t exactly deep either. There was speculation that Jameis Winston might be a trade asset. Injuries around the league would have created space for him on some rosters. Whether or not there was real interest in him, New Orleans kept their backup quarterback knowing he’s only one injury away from being their starter.

Making a move for its own sake wouldn’t have dramatically shifted expectations. The Saints have players in the building they believe in, and their recent win over the Indianapolis Colts is a step in the right direction. If they can better execute plays and take advantage of a weak schedule, it won’t matter whether they cut a deal at the trade deadline.

Story originally appeared on Saints Wire