Saints’ reunion games valued drastically differently by NFL schedule makers

There are two games on the New Orleans Saints schedule this season that feature prominent reunions, Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders. There could be a third game if you include C.J. Gardner Johnson returning to town with the Philadelphia Eagles. However, his departure was three years ago and injuries have kept him from playing the Saints in the previous two years.

The Raiders and Broncos are prominent reunions, but they are being treated drastically different. Sean Payton’s return to New Orleans is obviously a much bigger deal and is being treated as such. The Saints and Broncos face off in Week 7 on Thursday Night Football. The only surprise is it isn’t a Monday or Sunday night game. It’s a story that sells itself with star power. It transcends quality of team, to a degree, given the strength of that narrative.

Derek Carr’s revenge game against the Raiders, however, is tucked away at noon at the end of the season. It’s just another game. This felt like a Thursday night game. Granted, this isn’t the same Raiders team that benched him in 2022. This game will fade into obscurity and likely be a bigger talking-point among Raiders fans. The NFL showed how they valued this game by burying it in a noon slot.

Story originally appeared on Saints Wire