Saints push more salary cap charges to 2025 with Nathan Shepherd restructure

The Saints are continuing to chip away at their 2024 salary cap by pushing more money onto the 2025 cap.

This time they're doing that by restructuring the contract of defensive tackle Nathan Shepherd, according to Field Yates of ESPN.

A portion of Shepherd's base salary — which would have counted only against the 2024 cap — will be converted into a signing bonus, which can be prorated over both the 2024 and 2025 salary caps.

Of course, the down side of the Saints' approach is that it always puts them in precarious cap shape at the start of every offseason. Not only are the Saints still over the 2024 cap a couple weeks before the start of the league year, but they're also the only NFL team that is already over the 2025 salary cap, according to

The Saints still have some work to do to get under this year's cap.