Saints’ punter brought a special guest to game, and Saints didn’t punt

Michael David Smith
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Saints punter Thomas Morstead was a good sport about not having much to do on Monday night.

The Saints’ offense played so well that they never punted in their win over Washington, and after the game Morstead posted a picture of himself and quarterback Drew Brees, with Morstead making a “zero” sign with his hand.

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“INACTIVE AGAIN!” Morstead wrote. “What an honor to play with the GOAT. Congrats Drew!”

But Morstead had to be a bit disappointed that he never punted, because he had a special guest at the game.

“Morstead had his old kicking coach [Jamie Kohl] come to his first game tonight to see him play, and he got to see [Morstead] hold,” said Saints coach Sean Payton. “It was one of those nights.”

A team going a full game without punting doesn’t happen often: It has happened twice so far this season, and happened three times last season. But it has happened four times during Morstead’s time with the Saints. He’s used to Brees keeping him off the field.

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