How the Saints can punch their ticket to the playoffs in Week 18

The New Orleans Saints saved their season by defeating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That win left the door open for a divisional title. The Seattle Seahawks Week 17 loss leaves the door open to a wild card position. It seemed the Saints were positioned to have their season all but done after Week 17, but now there is hope in the season finale.

There are technically four routes for the Saints to make it to the playoffs, but it’s really just two routes with a slight tweak. New Orleans doesn’t control their own destiny, so let’s look at the help they need.

In order to win the division, the Saints need the Buccaneers to fall to the Panthers. It doesn’t feel realistic, but we’ve seen weird upsets this year. New Orleans would be the final wild card team if Seattle and Green Bay both lose in Week 18.

Those are the only two routes for the Saints to make the playoffs. It expands into four because the Saints have to win or tie against the Falcons. Simply put, New Orleans needs to not lose and have either of those scenarios happen. That would secure them a playoff berth.

Story originally appeared on Saints Wire