With Saints likely to hold training camp at UC Irvine, where will Rams hold theirs?

The Los Angeles Rams will most likely have a new site for training camp this summer. After holding training camp at UC Irvine every year since 2016 (except 2020, due to COVID-19), the Rams appear headed to a new location for 2024.

That’s because the New Orleans Saints are expected to move their training camp setup to Irvine this summer, specifically UC Irvine. That news was reported by on Thursday, with Jeff Duncan writing the following on the subject:

After weeks of exploration, Saints officials have targeted a site at the University of California-Irvine in suburban Los Angeles, where the Los Angeles Rams have conducted their training camps in recent years.

So if the Saints are holding their camp at UC Irvine, where will the Rams go for theirs this year? The logical answer would seem to be their new under-construction facility in Woodland Hills, but that’s not meant to be a training camp location for the team.

When the Rams revealed their plans for the Woodland Hills headquarters in November, COO Kevin Demoff said the expectation is not to hold training camp there. As a result, they’re going to look at different locations around Southern California.

“Our vision has always been, and not just because it would be a little hot to hold training camp here in Woodland Hills, but we’ve always liked the idea of going away a little bit for training camp,” Demoff said. “UC Irvine’s been a great partner. We’ve looked in and around other places within Southern California. When we started at UC Irvine, it was always with the idea of being in Orange County, with the idea to move it, so we’re going to explore that moving forward, but it is not our current plan to hold training camp here. That could change at some point, but we would probably need an indoor facility, or certainly some shade, to make that happen.”

The Rams have yet to announce where camp will be held this offseason so fans will have to wait for that news to be revealed, but it’s safe to say they won’t be going back to UC Irvine this year.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire