Saints free agency rumors: Browns interested in signing Jameis Winston

It’s too early to say that a market is developing for his services, but at least one team is seriously considering Jameis Winston as free agency takes shape: the Cleveland Browns, per the Boston Globe’s senior NFL reporter Ben Volin.

There’s just one thing. Volin reports that the Browns view Winston as a backup for starting quarterback Deshaun Watson, but Winston has been vocal about his desire to start games for a team, which he knows isn’t going to happen with Derek Carr entrenched on the New Orleans Saints.

Watson has strong job security in Cleveland, too, so if the only offers out there are backup gigs then it shouldn’t surprise anyone if Winston stays in New Orleans. Still, Watson missed most of the season with an injured throwing shoulder, and Winston could see this as an opportunity to get on the field if he misses more time.

So it’s something to watch for in the days ahead. Because of the way Winston’s contract is constructed, the Saints will need to release him with a post-June 1 designation if he’s going to leave and join another team, just like with Michael Thomas. If he intends to stay in New Orleans they’ll need to tear up his current deal and write a new contract. There are many moving parts this time of the year so expect more development in the days ahead.

Story originally appeared on Saints Wire