Saints coach Dennis Allen sees a ‘highly motivated’ player in Chase Young

We’ve got a positive update on Chase Young. The New Orleans Saints defensive end underwent surgery in March to relieve pressure on a herniated disc in his neck, and he was said to be looking at a four- to six-month recovery. So while there’s a possibility he could return in time for the start of training camp, it’s more realistic to expect him to miss some time over the summer.

But Dennis Allen said that, so far, Young’s progress has been good. He commended the Saints’ big free agent signing for working hard to get healthy and pick up his new playbook during the spring.

“Look, he’s been here every day,” Allen began, speaking with local media after Wednesday’s minicamp practice. “And he’s in all the meetings, and when we’re out here at practice he’s in doing the rehab and the things he’s capable of doing. I see a guy that’s highly motivated to have a great year. I think to this point he’s been on track in terms of the healing process. We’ll probably have another update in terms of where he’s at here in a week or two. Probably it’ll paint a clearer picture as to when we think he might be back.

“But he’s doing everything we’re asking him to do, he’s highly motivated, he wants to be a part of this organization, wants to a part of this team. And, look, I’m excited about getting him out here when he’s healthy enough to be out here.”

It’s a very important year for Young. He only signed a one-year contract with the Saints, which means he’ll be a free agent again in 2025. While he was traded to the San Francisco 49ers with much fanfare after a disappointing run with the Washington Commanders last season, he didn’t quite meet expectations after changing one helmet for another. This reboot in New Orleans is his best chance at reigniting his career and earning a big contract in free agency. Seizing every opportunity in the film room and checking every box in his rehab is part of that process.

Story originally appeared on Saints Wire