Saints bars will play 2010 Super Bowl instead of 2019 Super Bowl to remind angry fans of better times

The wounds of the NFC Championship game haven’t healed just yet for New Orleans Saints fans. In the days following the game, Saints fans have been adamant their team was robbed following a blown pass interference call.

Needless to say, those fans aren’t all that excited to watch the New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII.

Good news, now they won’t have to! Some New Orleans bars and restaurants have decided not to even air this year’s Super Bowl. Instead, patrons of those establishments will see a replay of 2010’s Super Bowl XLIV, according to Chad Calder of the New Orleans Advocate.

The 2010 Super Bowl, as you might have guessed, was won by the Saints. They defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-17. The game was famous for Sean Payton’s onside kick to begin the third quarter.

With the Saints trailing by four points, Payton called an onside kick to start the second half. The Saints managed to recover the ball, and scored on the drive to take a lead. The teams traded points in the third quarter before New Orleans finally pulled away in the fourth.

The blown pass interference call has caused quite the ruckus in New Orleans. Team owner Gayle Benson has vowed to fight the league to change how it handles pass interference calls, billboards have been put up in Atlanta — where the Super Bowl is being held — stating the “Saints got robbed” and a sportsbook even refunded money to gamblers due to the egregious no-call.

Instead of further infuriating fans, New Orleans bars and restaurants have chosen to remember the good times. After everything that has gone down over the past couple days, that’s probably the right call.

Saints fans are still not happy that their favorite team isn’t going to be in the Super Bowl. (Getty Images)
Saints fans are still not happy that their favorite team isn’t going to be in the Super Bowl. (Getty Images)

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