Saints’ Alvin Kamara lifts up the kids of New Orleans

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New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara, considered one of the best young playmakers in the NFL and an essential part of the Saints’ near-perfect season so far, is using his platform to positively impact the lives of NOLA residents.

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Local heroes like Kamara, the first subject in our Hometown Heroes spotlight series, go a long way to do what they can to make their communities better — like last year, when he matched a fine from the NFL for wearing Christmas-themed cleats with a donation to the Willie Hall Playground recreational department in New Orleans.

“I’ve only been here a short time,” Kamara says, “but it’s given me so much. I just want to give back.”

We partnered with Pizza Hut to go behind the scenes to see how Kamara has been helping the young people in his adopted city, making him a true hometown hero.

After games, Kamara takes off his helmet and pads and becomes another proud resident of the Big Easy. He frequently walks to his house from the stadium, welcoming one-on-one chats with fans, his neighbors. He actively seeks out connection with his community, even tracking down one New Orleans high school student who received multiple Ivy League academic scholarships to take him out to dinner and congratulate him.

By partnering with programs for kids such as the Willie Hall Center, Kamara is actively making a difference in the lives of the children of New Orleans. Through giving pep talks to youth football programs, donating equipment and time and even starting his own youth football camp last summer, Kamara understands that a star athlete isn’t just a member of a team–he’s part of a community.

From Pizza Hut:
Alvin Kamara has a passion for serving the city of New Orleans that extends beyond game day, using his unique platform to give a jumpstart to the NFL’s littlest fans. As the official pizza of the NFL, Pizza Hut understands the importance of giving back to the next generation and is proud to share NFL Hometown Heroes, the inspiring stories of players who are stars on the field and in their communities.

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