Saint Mary's pulled off one of the wildest, weirdest, most confusing triple plays you'll see

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Saint Mary's made a one-of-a-kind triple play on Friday. (AP Photo/Scot Tucker)
Saint Mary's made a one-of-a-kind triple play on Friday. (AP Photo/Scot Tucker)

The triple play is one of baseball’s many rare joys. In Major League Baseball, they only happen about five times per year with just three occurring in the last two seasons.

What makes them even more special is how odd they can be since something often has to go wrong for three runners to get out at once.

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That was certainly the case on Friday, where Saint Mary’s pulled off one of the most bizarre triple plays you’ll ever see.

There was plenty of confusion on Loyola Marymount’s side when it wasn’t clear if right fielder Edward Haus caught the liner or not. Since he trapped the ball, every runner had to advance after freezing, making the force out at home easy.

At that point, the runners were sitting ducks with two Lions on first and another on second who had to take third. Catcher JC Santini fired the ball around the horn, and that’s how you make a classic 9-2-5-6 triple play.

Unfortunately for Saint Mary’s, the triple play was not enough to propel it to a win, as it dropped its second game of the West Coast Conference Tournament. However, it did prevent the Lions from blowing the game open, since college teams expect to score 2.77 runs when the bases are loaded with no outs.

College sports don’t have the glamour of the majors, but their ability to produce wacky plays whether it’s this triple play or a game-winning hidden ball trick is unrivaled.

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