Sacramento Kings listed as ‘worst fit’ for potential Zach LaVine trade

Everything coming to the surface as of late is pointing toward the Chicago Bulls trading Zach LaVine this summer. They are reportedly looking to do everything they can to move him this offseason. According to Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report, the Sacramento Kings would be the “worst fit” for LaVine.

“Every season seems to spawn at least a few head-scratching rumors, and some mid-November rumblings about potential interest from Sacramento in LaVine certainly qualified,” Buckley wrote. “The Kings had a general need for more talent, sure, but any appeal beyond that was hard to see. Would they add LaVine and bump him atop the offensive pecking order over De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis? If that feels like an obvious “nope,” that’s because it is. LaVine is way too much of a defensive liability, way too expensive and too ball-dominant to utilize as a No. 3—or, depending on Keegan Murray’s development, maybe No. 4—next to Sacramento’s stars.

“If the Kings hope to climb the Western Conference standings, they need defense and an upgrade on the wing. LaVine would weaken them on both fronts. His defense is a mess (negative defensive box plus/minus in all 10 seasons), and his arrival might force the sacrifice of Harrison Barnes (and quite possibly prevent the re-signing of Malik Monk).”

The Kings could put together a solid package for LaVine, but would he be a good fit there?

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire