Sacked Sunderland manager Michael Beale accused of using anonymous X account to hit back at critics

Michael Beale looks frustrated
Michael Beale lasted just two months at Sunderland - Action Images/Lee Smith

Michael Beale, the recently sacked Sunderland manager, is facing bizarre claims that he secretly hit back at critics using an anonymous social media account.

The 43-year-old, who left his role on Monday after a miserable two months in charge, has been linked with a now deleted account on X which repeatedly defended his record.

Club supporter podcast What the Falk compiled evidence which indicates unwavering support from the account @‌Player__ID may have been the work of Beale or someone close to him.

With Sunderland winning just two of Beale’s 12 games in charge, @‌Player__ID had retweeted posts prior to his departure suggesting the club would struggle to replace the beleaguered coach.

The account, which is allegedly linked with the manager via his own LinkedIn page, also posted an alternative explanation for Beale appearing to blank a handshake with Sunderland’s Trai Hume at the weekend.

“Wide angle footage from Saturday,” the post said, suggesting Beale’s attentions were on the pitch as Hume walked off. “Ball in play, speaking to Ba and watching the game.”

That version of events came as Beale issued a public apology on social media and labelled the defender as “an example of everything that is good about a young footballer”.

However, the mystery social media author, posting on the platform formerly known as Twitter, also re-shared a post by another user blaming the board for a lack of backing. It read: “If SAFC sack Beale who in their right mind would want that job? Owners that won’t back a manager in the transfer market and a toxic fan base will book the f*** out of him and want him gone as soon as they lose 2 games. The self entitlement is on another level up there.”

Supportive messages on the same account has also praised Beale’s time at Glasgow Rangers. Podcast authors linked Beale with @‌Player__ID by sourcing the original Twitter bio for the Player_ID, which reportedly reads: “Development programme for players and coaches. Home of the PlayerID podcasts - hosted by @‌MichaelBeale.”

Another tweet from 2017 reads: “Give Michael Beale’s new business @‌Player_ID a follow and check out the website. You’ll not regret it!”

Beale’s LinkedIn profile also shows him sharing the Player_ID logo to promote a podcast with former Rangers coach Cameron Campbell.

Sunderland and representatives for Beale were contacted by Telegraph Sport for comment.

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