Sabrina Ionescu talks Caitlin Clark, and transition from college to the WNBA

When former Oregon women’s basketball superstar Sabrina Ionescu went into the WNBA, the pandemic was in full swing, and the fanfare that she deserved just wasn’t there.

Ironically, Caitlin Clark is enjoying that fanfare that should have come Ionescu’s way, but that doesn’t mean Clark can’t go to Ionescu for advice when it comes to transitioning from college superstar to just another player in the WNBA.

According to the best Duck women’s basketball player of all time, every rookie is going to face some tough times early on.

“Every rookie is going to come in and have adversity from the beginning. It’s a lot different than college, so my advice to any rookie is to continue to grind and stick with it,” she said in a postgame interview. “Figure out ways to get better. That’s a big part of elevating your game and understand what you did in college was enough and you deserve to have that confidence coming into the league, but knowing there’s so much room for improvement.”

It’s difficult to fathom what Ionescu could possibly improve upon in her fourth season with the New York Liberty. But ever the professional and team player, Ionescu will continue to do whatever it takes to bring the Big Apple a WNBA title.

Story originally appeared on Ducks Wire