Sabrina Ionescu 'would love' to turn Taylor's into Sabrina's Bar and Grill

Dylan Mickanen
NBC Sports Northwest

February 20, 2020: the day Eugene stood still.

Otherwise known as the day the OLCC took away the liquor license of Taylor's Bar and Grill. 

The popular Eugene spot was arguably the place to go for all University of Oregon students on a night out, a pregame for football, or after (and before) class. Since it's permanent closing, the nightlife scene near campus lost its main draw. But one Oregon legend may want to bring balance back to 13th street.

In an Instagram live, Oregon guard and Pac-12 6th Player of the Year Taylor Chavez joked that Sabrina Ionescu should "buy the it Sab's" to which Ionescu questioned, "would people go?" 

Yes, Sabrina. All of Eugene would go to Sabrina's Bar and Grill. As Chavez later described, "it would be legendary." 

Bro, I would so do that... I would open it up at the same exact spot that Taylor's was at...That'd be so dope. 

The bar was located across the street from Lillis Business College and a block away from the Knight Library. It was closer to the main campus than the "on-campus" housing of Barnhart Hall.

Could Ionescu actually open up Sabrina's Bar and Grill?

It could be more likely than you'd think. The OLCC has stated that Taylor's could reopen if sold to a new owner, per KVAL

But would Sabrina have the necessary funds? It's possible given she has been drafted first overall to the New York Liberty and signed endorsement deals with Nike and Beats by Dre since finishing her college career. The figures of these deals are unknown, but a study by AthleticDirectorU and Navigate Research concluded that her endorsement value is $251,000.

With the WNBA poised to grow in popularity due to Ionescu's inclusion, that number could continue to grow as it took into account her Instagram following multiplied by the average endorsement value of one follower. It most likely doesn't factor into account Ionescu having her own clothing line or signature shoe from Nike or becoming the face of women's basketball.  

While being pitched by Puma, Under Armour, and Nike, Sabrina said that she was surprised, but excited about the possibility of headlining her own shoe line and/or clothing line.

"I think before this all happened, I never thought about it because I didn't think it was even a possibility," said Ionescu on  NBC Sports Bay Area's Runnin' Plays Podcast. "Because women don't usually have signature shoes, and then I think listening to a lot of these companies and the goals and visions that they had to have a signature shoe down the line, I was like, 'Oh, actually that would be pretty cool.'

"And I feel like a lot of individuals would want to buy that shoe and wear that shoe. And so I think now taking kind of two weeks, fast forward what I had thought before starting this, I do think a shoe would be really cool or like a clothing line or something, which would be awesome, and would be kind of beyond belief just because I'm so used to buying other people's shoes, and kind of looking up to them. And so kind of having that reciprocated would be awesome."

Given that Ionescu signed with Nike, it's safe to speculate that the company sees a future where Sabrina, one of the most popular players in all of the women's basketball, has her own clothing line or signature shoe.

Perhaps she could use those funds to invest in opening up Sabrina's Bar and Grill. 

Sabrina Ionescu 'would love' to turn Taylor's into Sabrina's Bar and Grill originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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