S1mple to leave Team Liquid, seeks to join EU team

Dylan Walker

(Photo: Evan Campbell)

Team Liquid just lost their star awper.

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In a Twitlonger post late Wednesday, Robin Nymann, Head of Esports for Team Liquid, confirmed that that Aleksandr “s1imple” Oleksander will not be returning to North America after his post-MLG Columbus trip back home to the Ukraine.

According to to Nymann, it boiled down to s1mple missing home:

“After having greatly missed his family throughout his stay in the United States, he was looking forward to spending some time in his home country,” the post reads. “As s1mple spent more time at home with his family, it became even more apparent that he had missed them so much. This, in combination with concern over his in-game role on the team — and consequently the team atmosphere — led him to reach out to us about his desire to play for a European team and not return to the States.”

Though s1mple will no longer be on the starting roster for TL, he will continue to stream CS:GO for the team.

TL’s roster over the past few months has been tumultuous. The team picked up Koosta from Enemy before kicking out former IGL payer, adreN. However, due to the rules of the MLG qualifers, TL was forced to use adreN at the main event and managed to qualify for the next major with their ousted player by placing in the top eight.

S1mple will look to join another top EU team while he is home.

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