Ryan Tannehill says becoming the Titans’ leader was a slow process

Michael David Smith

Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill spent the offseason, preseason and start of the regular season as a backup, which means becoming a team leader has been a process.

Tannehill said today that he tried to take his time about asserting himself as the team leader after taking the starting job from Marcus Mariota in the middle of the season.

“It’s a little bit of a slow process,” Tannehill said. “You don’t want to come in guns blazing and shake the boat too much. It’s just a matter of being myself, leading in my own way, encouraging guys, trying to press this offense, press each and every person, build relationships and try to get the most out of every guy. Every guy is a little different, how you talk to him, how you handle him and hold him accountable, every guy is a little different. So it’s a matter of building those relationships, learning each and every guy, and then trying to push and get the best out of our guys.”

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Tannehill said he got to know his teammates early on more as an observer than anything else.

“I got to kind of be a fly on the wall for a few weeks there and see how guys responded to adversity and to positive things, and really learn about them,” Tannehill said.

The Titans were 2-4 with Mariota and are now 9-3 with Tannehill as their starter. Whatever Tannehill has done, it worked.

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