Ryan Tannehill out of practice, but ankle "definitely healing"

Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill remained out of practice on Wednesday, but he gave a positive update on the high-ankle sprain he suffered in the team's Week Six loss to the Ravens.

Tannehill said that the ankle is "definitely healing" and that "every couple of days I can notice a big difference" in how the ankle is progressing. Tannehill said that surgery was never a consideration and that last year's surgery on the same ankle is helping with the healing process.

"Everything’s feeling better," Tannehill said at a press conference. "It’s been a process to get where we are right now, but we’re trending in the right direction and everything’s feeling a lot better than it did a week ago."

The trends may be good, but time's running out before Sunday's game against the Falcons. If Tannehill stays out of practice on Thursday, it will likely be Will Levis at quarterback for that game.