Ryan Tannehill delivers big hit on a touchdown-saving tackle after throwing awful interception

There might be an under-the-radar reason the Tennessee Titans are considering giving Ryan Tannehill a contract extension. If this whole quarterbacking thing doesn’t work out, Tannehill might thrive as a middle linebacker.

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Tannehill showed off those defensive skills during Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders. On the same play in which he threw a miserable interception, Tannehill delivered a big hit on a tackle that saved a touchdown.

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If you ever doubted a quarterback’s willingness to get physical, perhaps this will make you reconsider.

While Tannehill said he got some props on the hit after the game, he expressed disappointment in the interception. It was the only blemish in an otherwise dominant game for Tannehill.

The 31-year-old Tannehill may have been more willing to put his body on the line knowing what’s at stake against Oakland. At 7-5, the Titans are clinging to a wild-card spot. Oakland sits at 6-6 and is one of the teams desperately fighting to knock the Titans out of that position. A win would put the Titans in a much better place with just a few weeks left in the regular season.

If the tackle wasn’t enough to make up for the interception, Tannehill erased that mistake in the second quarter. Less than a minute into the quarter, Tannehill hung in the pocket, took a huge hit and and delivered a 91-yard touchdown pass to A.J. Brown.

It was the first of 3 touchdowns Tannehill would throw in the 42-21 win. Tannehill completed 21 of 27 passes for 391 yards during the contest.

The play squashed any chance of the Titans converting Tannehill to middle linebacker any time soon ... so did Tannehill’s performance following the interception.


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