Ryan Tannehill climbs to the top of the passer rating rankings

Mike Florio

The first pick in the 2012 draft is retired. The second pick currently backs up MVP favorite Lamar Jackson. (A third-round quarterback from that same draft is No. 2 in the MVP race.) And the eighth pick in 2012 now has the best passer rating of any NFL quarterback.

Ryan Tannehill, who supplanted Marcus Mariota earlier in the year, has a 113.9 score in the NFL’s official (and officially convoluted) formula that determines passing prowess based in equal measures in competion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdown percentage, and interception percentage.

Tannehill, who has started six games, holds a two-point lead over Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, a fourth-round pick in that same draft.

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It’s part of an amazing second act for Tannehill, who had seven seasons in Miami to get things rolling and never could sustain it. He told PFT over last weekend’s 14-point win over the Colts that he’s currently cherishing everything about the job.

And there’s plenty for Tannehill to cherish. He’s completing 72.7 percent of his throws, and he’s averaging 9.1 yards per attempt. Tannehill has thrown 12 touchdown passes against four interceptions.

He’s also due to be a free agent in March. Which could make for an interesting decision from the Titans, who may have to consider the franchise tag or the transition tag to keep him from hitting the open market and attracting the possible attention of teams that may be looking for a new starting quarterback.

The list of interested teams remains to be determined. But if he keeps playing like he has and if the Titans end up in the playoffs, Tannehill could find himself surprisingly in demand.

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