Ryan Reynolds' Astronaut Reveals Childhood Dreams in 'Life' Bonus Clip (Exclusive)

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In Life, Reynolds co-stars as systems engineer Rory Adams, a member of a crew of astronauts aboard the International Space Station who are tasked with receiving — and then analyzing — a Mars soil sample that, it turns out, contains the first extraterrestrial biological organism ever discovered. As these things generally go, that seemingly harmless multi-celled creature turns out to be far more hazardous than Adams and his comrades — including Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson — initially assume. However, at the time of the above video-diary clip, in which Adams discusses his childhood desire to travel to the cosmos, he has no idea about the horrors that await.

The characters’ video diaries are among the previously unreleased bonus features available on the Blu-ray and DVD, along with deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes footage.

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