Ryan Poles made Justin Fields privy to Bears plan for NFL draft

Ryan Poles made Justin Fields privy to Bears' draft plan originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

It's difficult to analyze just how good Bears general manager, Ryan Poles, is at his job, considering he's undergoing the early stages of his tenure.

We have yet to see how his draft picks, free-agent signings and trades fare. Time will tell, certainly. But one thing Poles has a knack for is building relationships.

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More specifically, internal relationships. Sure, his external connections around the league are justified by the trades he's executed so far, most notably with the Carolina Panthers for the No. 1 pick. But Poles' relationships within the organization are evidently important to him.

That's why he made quarterback Justin Fields privy to the Bears' draft plan.

"He didn't because he kind of knew what was going on," Poles said, responding to Cynthia Frelund on the subject of whether or not Justin Fields thanked him for his draft performance. "I want my quarterback (to be) a part of the process. I actually told him what we were going to do. We did exactly that."

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Fields has undergone two relatively unsuccessful seasons with the Chicago Bears. Through two seasons, his record is set at an abysmal 5-20. And while he's established an elite trait in rushing the football, he has yet to do the same with passing it.

Some pundits and outsiders look to the roster as a reason for the Bears' offensive inhibitions. The offensive line hasn't been up to par; in fact, closer to the bottom of the barrel. And the wide receiver core lacks the necessary talent to allow Fields to advance the ball through the air.

Now, during the de facto second phase of the Bears' rebuild, Poles and the front office have worked diligently in free agency, the trade market and the NFL draft to supply Fields with a qualified assembly for a productive offense.

During that process, as Poles mentioned, he made Fields a fly on the wall. He didn't specify whether or not Fields had a say in any moves. But one can assume that is unlikely, as Fields is only through two seasons in the NFL and doesn't possess that pedigree.


Nevertheless, the fact that Poles allowed access to Fields for the front office's conversations is another reason to have a positive outlook on the general manager's work. It shows the trust and transparency Poles maintains as a general manager.

Most would probably assume general managers prefer a distant style of management, staying far away from the players and keeping things close to the vest. Not Poles. His openness tells fans more than enough about what kind of leader he is with the Bears.

And it's something to be excited about.

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