Ryan Poles ditches social media ahead of crucial Bears offseason

Ryan Poles ditches social media ahead of crucial Bears offseason originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Ryan Poles has an imperative, potentially franchise-altering offseason in front of him.

He will have to make crucial choices on several factors for the team. Poles has to decide whether or not he wants to return to the coaching staff; although, it appears likely that everyone will return. He also has to decide whether or not he would prefer to bring back quarterback Justin Fields or draft a new signal-caller in the 2024 NFL draft.

Whatever he decides, it won't be derivative from some schlub on Twitter (X).

"It’ll be a season of information gathering," Poles told ESPN 1000 about the offseason. "But I will tell you this. I think it was just yesterday that I deleted Twitter [X]. So I no longer look at that and won’t until May. I love our fans. But I am taking very little advice from the bird."

If you're reading this, you know Bears fans are an emotional bunch, who love to share their franchise-saving plans anywhere people can consume them. But Poles won't be one of the consumers for them this offseason.

That's probably a good idea.

Soon enough, the offseason will get underway. The day after today's final regular season games marks Black Monday --- the day that lives in infamy because NFL teams usually start making changes to their staff on this day.

And when it comes to coaching staff --- and the players --- Poles wants to make sure he encapsulates all of the ebbs and flows each group experienced this year to take into account.

"We will evaluate the coaching staff, the players, just get a holistic look at where we are, how far we’ve come and go from there. I’m looking forward to that process. Because the goal is to continue to get better," Poles said.

On the subject of coaches, Poles gave Matt Eberflus a vote of confidence during the interview, too.

“You can go back to the original press conference [in January 2023] and things I was looking for," Poles said pregame on ESPN 1000. "One was leadership and mental toughness and the steady hand to really captain the ship when the seas are rough. And they got rough at certain times — certainly last year, early this year, there was some sudden change.

"He was steady at the wheel. He fought to get back above water and get things the way they were. His ability to adapt and adjust, really take input from the players, to get this thing on the right path was incredible. I think a lot of people would have been in really bad shape and crumbled to the pressure. He got better with the pressure, and so did our football team.”

What about the quarterback position?

Fields has shown visible improvement and his efficiency numbers have marginally improved. But, is that enough? Fields is a solid, starting quarterback in the NFL. But he hasn't proven himself as a game-changer yet.

How will Poles approach the offseason honing in on the quarterback dilemma?

"We’re working from a position of strength and just going to continue to keep an open mind and look at all options. I’m excited for that opportunity," Poles said.

This offseason provides another chance for Poles to draft his own quarterback. Remember, former general manager Ryan Pace and his staff drafted Fields. Poles inherited him.

Does Poles have the motivation to keep standing up for a guy he didn't draft?

The Bears officially have the No. 1 and No. 9 picks in the 2024 NFL draft. They can use either to draft a new signal caller for the team. That could be Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, etc.

Stay tuned to see how this offseason unfolds.

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