Ryan Fitzpatrick will go shirtless on TNF if Bills’ Josh Allen does this vs. Bucs

Ryan Fitzpatrick has been known for going shirtless at Highmark Stadium.

He’s also going to be in the stadium in Orchard Park on Thursday.

Fitz Magic shirtless 2.0?

Actually, maybe.

The former Bills QB will be on the Amazon broad of the upcoming Bills-Bucs Thursday Night Football matchup. While appearing on the QB Room podcast with Josh Allen’s offseason coach Jordan Palmer and current teammate Kyle Allen, Fitzpatrick said if Allen does one thing during the game, he’ll go shirtless.

And it’s not even anything as crazy as you’d think.

Allen noted this week he’s trying to be a “low positive” type of player now. Keep himself in check.

Fitzpatrick wants none of that. He wants Allen to be pumped up and showing it…. and he’ll do it.

“He’s just become a little too calm for me and calm is like not Josh. That’s not where he needs to be. Just get the guy fired up a little bit,” Fitzpatrick said.

Fitzpatrick’s full promise via the QB Room Podcast can be found in the clip below:

Story originally appeared on Bills Wire