Rutgers late games in Southern California might not help the Big Ten

We are talking to Rutgers Wire editor Kristian Dyer about the Rutgers-USC football matchup and more. One of the things we were interested in learning more about was the future of these potential late-night football games for Rutgers and some of the other low-end Big Ten schools. Is this helping the schools? Is it helping the conference? Is it all worth it?

Trojans Wire: Do you think that a late West Coast game will be an annual thing for Rutgers football beyond 2024? Now that you’re getting a full share as a Big Ten member, is it worth the revenue?

KD: Is it worth the revenue? Probably. But it doesn’t help the Big Ten establish a foothold in a major market that they continue to need.


Dyer’s answer makes it clear that the Big Ten wanting television inventory in that late-night slot shouldn’t lead to Rutgers programming in that slot. So many people in New Jersey and New York will be asleep. Dyer clearly thinks Rutgers should be in more visible time slots, even though these late games are part of a TV package in which Rutgers is getting paid a lot of dollars.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire