Rutgers football’s Gavin Wimsatt blocks out the noise: ‘What people say it doesn’t really have to do anything with me’

PISCATAWAY, N.J. — If there is noise about his recent performances, then Rutgers football quarterback Gavin Wimsatt says he isn’t listening.

And there has been some noise, no doubt about that.

Wimsatt has struggled the past month, with a completion percentage that has fallen each game over the last four games. He has been the first to say that his performance needs to improve and that he must do a better job in managing the offense.

And while he has shown far better consistency this year as well as improved decision-making under first-year offensive coordinator Kirk Ciarrocca, the Big Ten schedule has shown that there are still steps that Wimsatt needs to take in his developmental arc.

If head coach Greg Schiano’s offense is going to improve, then Wimsatt will need to get back to the fundamentals he showed during the season’s first six weeks. In those games, Wimsatt made smart passes, took good shots down the field, hit his check-downs and hot reads and used his legs to extend or make plays.

“You know, what happens on the outside, what people say it doesn’t really have to do anything with me,” Wimsatt said on Tuesday following practice.

“My job is to listen to coach Ciarrocca, coach Schiano – the coaches around me that are here to help me to get better as player and help help our team win. If you’re not a coach, shouldn’t be listening anyway.”

Rutgers is currently 6-4 (3-4 Big Ten) and has lost consecutive games for the first time all season.

Ahead of a Penn State team that is fourth in the Big Ten in scoring defense (and fifth in total yardage allowed), it doesn’t get any easier.

On the season, Wimsatt has 1,356 passing yards with eight touchdowns and six interceptions.

On Monday, Schiano defended Wimsatt and said that there are no plans to change his starting quarterback.

Story originally appeared on Rutgers Wire