Rutgers (almost) pulls off the play of the century: The 6 craziest moments of Week 9

J.J. Regan
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Rutgers (almost) pulls off play of the century: 6 craziest moments of Week 9 originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Rutgers lateraled its way into everyone's hearts, Clemson survived an upset scare and Dan Mullen truly became a "Florida man" on Saturday. Here are the craziest moments from Week 9 of the college football season.

Everything about Clemson/Boston College

Everyone wanted to see what Clemson would look like without star quarterback Trevor Lawrence who was out after testing positive for COVID-19. Evidently, Clemson couldn't remember what side of the ball Lawrence plays on because the defense and special teams were sloppy and Boston College had a real chance at the upset.

This game had it all. There was a 99-yard fumble return for a touchdown, a trick field goal play to draw an offside call for the first down, an acrobatic touchdown catch just in the first half as the Eagles took a 28-10 lead.

And still, the Tigers won.

Quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei looks like the next great Clemson quarterback as he threw for 342 yards and scored three total touchdowns to lead the Tigers all the way back for the 34-28 win. The victory keeps Clemson undefeated and sets up a huge game next week against Notre Dame.

There was one more moment worthy of note. The game was being called by Joe Tessitore on ESPN. That trick field goal play by Boston College? It was pulled off by the kicker, John Tessitore, Joe's son.

A 93-yard scoop and score

Clemson's opponent next week, Notre Dame, was also the victim of a long scoop-and-score as Zamari Walton took it to the house for Georgia Tech, setting a school record in the process.

Check it out here.

Rutgers' lateral touchdown

On Oct. 31, 2015, exactly five years ago, Miami pulled off a crazy lateral touchdown to beat Duke on the final play of the game. That play was apparently considered so cool that rules no longer mattered and the ACC admitted after the game that a Miami runner was down and an illegal block in the back and a dead-ball foul were both missed by the referees.

On Saturday, we were treated to another incredible lateral play, this time by Rutgers who faced a 4th and 32 late in the fourth quarter while down by 16.

Yes, that's the voice of the great Joe Beninati you hear who was on the call.

Unfortunately for Rutgers, this time the referees decided to actually do their jobs and the play did not count due to an illegal forward pass, but it was still pretty darn fun to watch.

You can read more on the play here.

DeVonta Smith goes off

An Alabama receiver had a big game? So what? Doesn't that happen every week?

Yes, the Crimson Tide is pretty stacked, but DeVonta Smith took it to another level on Saturday with six catches, 130 yards and two touchdowns.

Pretty good, right? Oh, I'm sorry, did you think that was for the game? No, that's just what he did in the first quarter.

Smith finished the game with 11 catches, 203 yards and four quarters which is better than any of the receivers on your fantasy football team will do on Sunday.

Just one of those four touchdown catches would have been good enough to win as Alabama cruised to a 41-0 victory over Mississippi State.

Remember when we thought Mike Leach would revolutionize offense in the SEC after putting up 44 points in the opener against LSU? The Bulldogs have scored 30 combined points in the four games since.

An ugly brawl and an ugly response

The end of the first half between Florida and Missouri erupted into a brawl as Florida players took exception to a late hit delivered to quarterback Kyle Trask.

Yikes. The hit was definitely late and unnecessary so Florida had a right to be angry, but this was just ugly.

These are college kids so it's up to the coaches (ie, the adults) to turn this into a teaching moment about why you need to control yourselves and not just resort to throwing punches. I'm sure head coach Dan Mullen went into the locker room and de-escalated the situation....

Wait, what are you doing!?

OK...maybe Mullen's emotions were a little high and he just got caught up in the heat of the moment. Surely he approached the postgame presser with a more level head to answer the serious questions that he would have to face after this, right?

Oh, no....

The next OBJ?

Not much went right for Penn State in a 38-25 loss to Ohio State, but Jahan Dotson deserves a shoutout for this incredible catch.