Russia plans to draft 1.2 million people into its army


Russia plans to draft 1.2 million people into its army as part of the mobilisation.

Source: Meduza, quoting a source close to one of the Russian federal ministries

Details: The source noted that it was recommended to keep recruitment from regional centres "to a minimum", adding, "They’re going to rural areas where there’s no media, no opposition, and more support [for the war - ed.]."

At the same time, Meduza’s source close to the Kremlin leadership reported that there are plans to mobilise up to 16,000 people in Moscow. This information was confirmed by a source close to one of the Russian federal ministries.

An estimated 3,200 people are to be called up in St Petersburg, according to a source close to the authorised representative of the North-Western Federal District.

However, Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov told the Kremlin-sponsored news outlet TASS that the claim that 1.2 million Russians are to be drafted in the partial mobilisation is a lie.

He also said previous statements that the Kremlin plans to draft up to 1 million people as part of the mobilisation were untrue.


  • On the morning of 21 September, Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilisation.

  • Later it turned out that the decree on mobilisation contains a secret paragraph which allows the Russian Ministry of Defence to draft up to a million people for the war.

  • Protests were held in Russian cities on 21 September after partial mobilisation was announced. Law enforcement agencies report that police arrested at least 1,176 people.

  • Detained protesters were issued with mobilisation notices in Moscow and Voronezh.

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