Russell Wilson will return to Denver during the 2024 regular season

Quarterback Russell Wilson began his career with the Broncos by returning to Seattle. He might start his career with the Steelers by returning to Denver.

Yes, the Steelers are scheduled to visit the Broncos at some point during the 2024 regular season. In May, we'll find out when. For now, that game becomes one to circle for the folks at 345 Park Avenue.

It feels destined for prime time. Maybe in Week One, on a Monday night. Just like Broncos at Seahawks in 2022.

Beyond their annual home-and-home games against their AFC North rivals, the Steelers will host the Cowboys, Giants, Chiefs, Chargers, Giants, and Jets. They'll visit (in addition to Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Denver) Atlanta, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Washington.

There are several compelling games on the slate, especially with the Steelers playing all four teams in the AFC West, and all four teams in the NFC East. Steelers games already are compelling; adding Wilson to the mix will make them even more interesting.

Especially whenever they visit the Broncos. That will be even more must-see TV that Steelers games already are.