Russell Wilson gets another pay-day from selling home in Bellevue

Over the last few years, former Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson has been the subject of several punchlines. From corny catchphrases to terrible play on the field, Wilson has made himself an easy target and in need of a career reset in Pittsburgh.

While there is some sympathy for a decent man who’s seemingly only “crime” is arguably getting a little too sucked into his own PR machine, I am reminded this is someone who still has an excellent life. A life partially defined by generational wealth for him and his family. Wealth that is now growing a little further, thanks to real estate.

Wilson and his wife Ciara were finally able to sell their Bellevue mansion along Lake Washington. Spoiler alert: they profited.

Wilson originally bought the home in 2015 for $6.7 million, following his first major contract extension with the Seahawks. Now, their former home has given them one final gift by boosting their bank accounts.

Meanwhile, Wilson’s Denver-area mansion he purchased for $25 million dollars back in 2022 remains on the market. A home with more bathrooms (12) than he had wins with the Broncos (11).

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Story originally appeared on Seahawks Wire