Russell Westbrook, via Twitter, helps a Thunder fan propose to his girlfriend #SheSaidYes

Oklahoma City All-Star Russell Westbrook is still on the mend after undergoing surgery to repair a torn meniscus suffered in Oklahoma City’s first round series against the Houston Rockets. As he rehabilitates, the all-world guard, while floor-bound in recovery, has decided to become a social media champion of sorts – first using Vine to show off his appreciation for Taylor Swift, and most recently aiding a Thunder fan in his successful marriage proposal, via Twitter.

Royce Young at Daily Thunder, via Pro Basketball Talk, detailed the happy news on Friday, pointing out that Thunder fan Charlie Bright took his fiancée Rachel Haycraft to an OKC game for their first date, which made a Thunder-styled proposal all the more pointed. Bright hatched the plan earlier in the week for Russell to aid in his efforts. Here’s part of Royce’s feature:

“I thought a really cool way to combine the two would be for Russell, or somebody on the team to ask her on Twitter or something to propose,” Charlie said. “So I messaged him on Facebook earlier in the week and just made in bold print the words “marriage proposal” because I’m sure he gets a lot of messages I wanted it to jump out.

“The first words of the message were something like ‘I know this is a long shot and probably won’t work, but if you’re interested…’ Honestly I didn’t think it was going to work,” he said.

A few days went by and Charlie didn’t hear back from Russ. He was going to start putting together Plan B, but then a message showed up in his inbox.

“I think his reply was literally like five words like ‘I’m down, what’s the plan?’ Charlie said.

In true John “Hannibal” Smith-fashion, here’s how the plan was expertly executed:

Even the most ardent sports fans will tell you that being proposed to at mid-court or on the jumbo-sized scoreboard of a basketball arena is less than ideal, but this is a pretty novel way to avoid such embarrassment. And for Rachel Haycraft, who referred to herself as “a Twitterholic” in her interview with Young, this seemed like the perfect setting. A unique, and pretty darn charming one.

All our best to the happy couple. Good luck with the wedding, and may you have many Favs, RTs, and Thunder victories in your future together.

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