Russell Westbrook thinks one good yoink deserves another

Since being drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies, Kyle Lowry(notes) has had a reputation as a stingy defender at the point guard position, a bulldog type with a penchant for making opponents work to get buckets. Now a member of the Houston Rockets, it's not surprising at all that Lowry would guard Russell Westbrook(notes) tight enough to steal the ball off of him when the Rockets took on the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night. Par for the course, really.

Of course (not the same course; this one's mini-putt, the other was a full 18 holes), as we know, Westbrook's also a darn good defender. That, friends, is a recipe for some DOUBLE YOINKS!

You've got to love how quickly Westbrook turns the tables — his teammates are all running back to the defensive end, but he gets ticked off, locks onto Lowry and decides he's getting the ball back. Two dribbles. That's all it takes.

He drops right back, sees Lowry get loose with the left hand, darts in and knocks it free before the ball can even get to halfcourt, and comes back the other way for the easy two-hand stuff. Just another play to tack onto Westbrook's 2010-11 highlight reel. At the rate he's going — Westbrook's averaging 23.3 points (on a career-best 45 percent shooting), 8.1 assists, 5.5 rebounds and 2.1 steals per game on the season — it's going to be an awful long mixtape. Someone tell Misiek to get started.

Video courtesy of m0l0k0vell0cet, obviously.

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