Russell Westbrook is kind of a jerk, mustard-wise, but James Harden is prepared (VIDEO)

Whether your taste in apparel runs toward teal "EVERY DAMN DAY" T-shirts, track pants and crew socks that make you look sort of like a grampa when worn with sneakers and shorts, or (like mine) away from that, I think we can all agree that in an Internet marketplace overflowing with swing-and-a-miss advertising attempts to convince us that athletes are funny, one that actually produces a legitimate laugh is worth sharing with the world. And so, we bring to you Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook squeezing mustard at teammate James Harden (in what looks like a hotel's outdoor lounge, which is weird) to legitimate comic effect, thanks to a high-quality kicker.

Bravo, Thunderers, and bravo, Foot Locker. We only hope that the coup de grâce was CGI-based; we'd hate for disposable beard covers to lose their usefulness.

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