The Rush: Zion Williamson has a weight clause in his contract extension with Pelicans

Zion Williamson’s extension with the Pelicans includes a clause that requires him to stay below a certain weight and University of Nebraska WR Decoldest Crawford just signed the greatest NIL deal of all time. PLUS: Trey Mancini of the Orioles hit the wildest inside the park home run you’ll ever see.

Video Transcript

- In a year the right, Loé will drift back. Loé doesn't see it. Loé lost the ball. Here comes Hayes. Trey's going to go to third, Trey is going to be weighing Tom. Here comes Man City. He is safe.

- Safe.

- Safe. Safe.


JARED QUAY: Zion Williamson signed a five-year $193 million contract extension with the Pelicans a few weeks ago. And a large part of his guaranteed money depends on, well, how large Zion gets? Zion must weigh in at or below 295 pounds or his pay will get ducked.

- Outchy.

JARED QUAY: This clause is to prevent the kind of lower body injuries that has plagued the 6 foot 6 forward in the first three years of his career. And Zion is taking this seriously, hiring a personal trainer and a private chef to keep himself in tiptop shape. I mean, a $193 million? I can get in shape, I just need a deal. Somebody's got to give me that money.

Speaking of deals, we've done it ladies and gentlemen, we have found the greatest NIL deal of all time. Decoldest Crawford has signed a deal with an H-back company. That's a 10 out of 10 in terms of maximizing your name. Decoldest is a wide receiver and will be playing football for the University of Nebraska next season. And to be honest, all he needs now is some kind of deal with vanilla ice to really cap things off.


Decoldest is really a good name. At first when I heard Decoldest's name, man, his parents messed up. But in hindsight, his fans did the right thing, man, he can get mad endorsements. In fact, I'm thinking about naming my next born "Big Dollars," "Hulu," maybe "Disney."