The Rush: WWE’s The Miz challenges Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski to a tag team match

WWE Superstar The Miz stops by The Rush to talk shop with Liz Loza! The Miz dishes on losing his title on RAW and pleads his case for a rematch against Bobby Lashley, gives some “friendly” advice for music sensation and wrestling foe Bad Bunny, issues a tag team challenge to Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, reminisces about The Real World and how it ties into his current reality show and reveals his top pick in the WWE Fantasy Draft.

Video Transcript

LIZ LORA: What sports duo would you take that energy to and step to like that?

THE MIZ: Now, I think the biggest names in sports are Brady and Gronk because they went to the Patriots and then they came down. We've had Gronk, actually, come to WWE. He hosted WrestleMania last year, he won the 24/7 Championship, and he couldn't handle the schedule, and he had to go back to football, obviously. So if he ever wants to come back with old Tommy Boy, they can step in the ring against John Morrison and The Miz.

LIZ LORA: All right.

THE MIZ: We'll see much of a GOAT he is in WWE.


LIZ LORA: I am here with WWE Superstar The Miz. Hey Miz, what's up? How are you doing?

THE MIZ: I am doing awesome, as always. I'm a former WWE Champion. People might think, since I lost the title in eight days-- I had the title for eight days and then literally had to go up against Bobby Lashley on Monday Night Raw in like three matches. I imagine you were just asking, like, how are you doing? And I was supposed to just say, I'm doing great, and that was it. But I decided to go longer with it, if you don't mind.

LIZ LORA: I don't mind at all, and frankly, I'm glad you did it so that I didn't have to because I was going to ask you, despite the loss, what is next for The Miz?

THE MIZ: I mean, obviously, I think I should get a rematch for my WWE Championship against Bobby Lashley. Obviously, I want to go to 'Mania with the WWE Championship in the main event. So that's the main goal, as always. If WrestleMania does have fans this year, it'll be absolutely incredible, and it'll be nice to have them and feel their energy.

LIZ LORA: Gronk and Shaq are athletes who've recently entered the ring. I want to know which current pro athlete you would love to join up with in the ring?

THE MIZ: Bad Bunny has been visiting Monday Night Raw quite a bit, to be honest, and he's a 24/7 Champion. I mean, he is the biggest recording artist in the world right now. My best advice to him is stick with what you're good at because if you step in the ring, and you get on my nerves, I'm gonna punch you in your jaw, and it's gonna break, and guess who's not gonna be able to do his recording anymore? It's gonna be Bad Bunny. A lot of people are gonna be upset with The Miz, but the fact is, everyone's always upset with The Miz.

LIZ LORA: You are everywhere. Fans can catch you every Monday night, as you've mentioned, on "Raw" and then immediately after on your show, "Miz & Mrs." So which group of fans are crazier, WWE fans or reality television show fans?

THE MIZ: When I was on "The Real World," it was insane. But WWE's fans, there's nothing quite like it. They are so loyal, and whether they love you or they hate you, they will let you know.

LIZ LORA: You mentioned "The Real World" and your roots on "The Real World," and that was where you debuted the Miz. The original New York cast just reunited--

- Now, the first roommates ever are moving back in almost 30 years later.

LIZ LORA: And "The Challenge-- All Stars" are coming back. So would you ever consider returning to those specific reality TV roots?

THE MIZ: I love everything that "The Real World" has given to me. If it wasn't for "The Real World," I would never become a WWE Superstar. I would never be where I'm at today. I would have never met my beautiful wife, would not have my two beautiful children. I'm always very thankful, but I don't know if I'd ever want to do that again. That was awesome during my 20's. Now I have my own reality show, "Miz & Mrs." which is produced by the same production company, Bunim/Murray, that produces "The Real World."

LIZ LORA: The Miz is juggling all the things, but you're also a legit fantasy sports stud. If you were in a fantasy draft of the past WWE Championships, who are you taking first overall?

THE MIZ: Me, of course. I'm the most-- well, and here's why. I am the most loyal. I win titles all the time, and I am there every week. I would be like a third-rounder to most people, but I'd be the smart guy and pick me in the first round because I know that I'm gonna be in there week in and week out.

LIZ LORA: The Miz is one of the most versatile, humble, awesome human beings I've ever had the opportunity to rush with. I've just got to say thank you so much for joining us, stay safe, and I will catch you on "Raw."

THE MIZ: Thank you very much. Have a good one, all right?